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Henry F Dodds Wealth Management Ltd

Our Background

Henry F Dodds Wealth Management Ltd specialises in providing financial planning solutions to both business and personal clients. Highly qualified advisers, with an average of over 30 years' experience in Financial Services, provide independent advice on areas such as pensions, inheritance tax, life assurance, protection, health insurance and investments.

We aim to establish a long term relationship with our clients through knowledge and understanding and value the trust our clients place in us and take it as a huge compliment and responsibility.

We are one of the longest established insurance brokerages in Newcastle with a pedigree going back to the 1930s. We work with individuals, families, businesses, charities and national companies with clients the length and breadth of the British Isles and beyond.

What Our Clients Ask For

Above all they want to feel 'in control' and have 'peace of mind'.

What our clients don't want

Our Expertise Tailored to Your Needs

We can adopt a comprehensive approach to your financial arrangements or focus on particular areas in need of urgent review. Either way, we will listen to your financial goals and objectives, and if agreed that we can add value, recommend a course of action, explain the details and rationale behind the recommendation and take care of paperwork to put plans into action.